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Web 2.0 ? Pippe mentali e non solo...


Non sono l'unico a pensare che molto del Web 2.0 sia buzzware...

Nel caso il link sparisse ecco cosa diceva la Home Page del sito:

Wankr: collaborative masturbation network

wankr will be a place for web 2.0 people to gather together in one humongous circlejerk so they can masturbate each other into a sticky frenzy over useless, meaningless bullshit.

If you're an idiot VC who is willing to throw money at any website that features the words "collaborative", "social", "tagging" or "AJAX", then please get in touch with us at: Please set the subject to "I have more money than sense".

Sorry this box doesn't have curvy edges. We promise that by the time this thing is finished, it'll have curvy edges everywhere, along with broken navigation, a confusing user interface and tags all over the shop. It's going to be awesome.

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